cpupower-devel - devel files for cpupower

Property Value
Distribution Mageia 4.1
Repository Mageia Core Updates i586
Package name cpupower-devel
Package version 3.14.39
Package release 1.mga4
Package architecture i586
Package type rpm
Installed size 5.80 KB
Download size 44.79 KB
Official Mirror distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr
This package contains the development files for cpupower.


Package Version Architecture Repository
cpupower-devel-3.14.43-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.14.43 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.43-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.14.43 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.41-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.14.41 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.41-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.14.41 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.39-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.14.39 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.32-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.14.32 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.32-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.14.32 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.27-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.14.27 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.27-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.14.27 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.24-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.14.24 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.24-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.14.24 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.23-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.14.23 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.23-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.14.23 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.18-3.mga4.i586.rpm 3.14.18 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.14.18-3.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.14.18 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.25-3.mga4.i586.rpm 3.12.25 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.25-3.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.12.25 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.21-2.mga4.i586.rpm 3.12.21 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.21-2.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.12.21 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.20-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.12.20 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.20-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.12.20 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.18-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.12.18 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.18-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.12.18 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.13-2.mga4.i586.rpm 3.12.13 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.13-2.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.12.13 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.9-1.mga4.i586.rpm 3.12.9 i586 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.9-1.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.12.9 x86_64 Mageia Core Updates
cpupower-devel-3.12.8-2.mga4.i586.rpm 3.12.8 i586 Mageia Core
cpupower-devel-3.12.8-2.mga4.x86_64.rpm 3.12.8 x86_64 Mageia Core
cpupower-devel - - -


Name Value
cpupower == 3.14.39-1.mga4


Name Value
cpupower-devel == 3.14.39-1.mga4
cpupower-devel(x86-32) == 3.14.39-1.mga4
devel(libcpupower) -


Name Value
libcpufreq-devel -


Type URL
Binary Package cpupower-devel-3.14.39-1.mga4.i586.rpm
Source Package kernel-3.14.39-1.mga4.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable Mageia Core Updates repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install cpupower-devel rpm package:
    # urpmi cpupower-devel



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