pdfgrep - search in pdf files for strings matching a regular expression

Property Value
Distribution Mageia 5.1
Repository Mageia Core i586
Package name pdfgrep
Package version 1.3.1
Package release 3.mga5
Package architecture i586
Package type rpm
Installed size 45.88 KB
Download size 29.92 KB
Official Mirror distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr
Pdfgrep is a tool to search text in PDF files. It works similar to grep.
- search for regular expressions.
- support for some important grep options, including:
o filename output
o page number output
o optional case insensitivity
o count occurrences
- and the most important feature: color output!


Package Version Architecture Repository
pdfgrep-1.3.1-3.mga5.x86_64.rpm 1.3.1 x86_64 Mageia Core
pdfgrep - - -


Name Value
libc.so.6 -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.0) -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.1.3) -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.2.3) -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.3) -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.3.4) -
libgcc_s.so.1 -
libgcc_s.so.1(GCC_3.0) -
libm.so.6 -
libm.so.6(GLIBC_2.0) -
libpoppler-cpp.so.0 -
libpthread.so.0(GLIBC_2.0) -
libstdc++.so.6 -
libstdc++.so.6(CXXABI_1.3) -
libstdc++.so.6(GLIBCXX_3.4) -
libstdc++.so.6(GLIBCXX_3.4.15) -


Name Value
pdfgrep == 1.3.1-3.mga5
pdfgrep(x86-32) == 1.3.1-3.mga5


Type URL
Binary Package pdfgrep-1.3.1-3.mga5.i586.rpm
Source Package pdfgrep-1.3.1-3.mga5.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable Mageia Core repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install pdfgrep rpm package:
    # urpmi pdfgrep




2014-10-15 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.3.1-3.mga5
+ Revision: 744734
- Second Mageia 5 Mass Rebuild
2014-09-16 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.3.1-2.mga5
+ Revision: 683385
- Mageia 5 Mass Rebuild
2014-08-16 - tv <tv> 1.3.1-1.mga5
+ Revision: 663998
- new release
2013-10-18 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.3.0-4.mga4
+ Revision: 508915
- Mageia 4 Mass Rebuild
2013-01-13 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.3.0-3.mga3
+ Revision: 362679
- Mass Rebuild - https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Feature:Mageia3MassRebuild
2012-10-28 - malo <malo> 1.3.0-2.mga3
+ Revision: 310915
- fix RPM group
2012-10-08 - tv <tv> 1.3.0-1.mga3
+ Revision: 303559
- imported package pdfgrep
2012-10-07 - Thierry Vignaud <tv@mageia.org> 1.3.0-1.mga3
- initial package

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