Mageia Core Backports x86_64

Package Description
godot3-3.0.6-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine with a feature-rich editor
godot3-runner-3.0.6-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Shared binary to play games developed with the Godot engine
godot3-server-3.0.6-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Godot headless binary for servers
gzdoom-3.5.0-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Enhanced Doom engine
lib64mgba0.6-0.6.0-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Shared data and library used by mGBA's Qt and SDL frontends
mame-0.188-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
mame-data-0.188-1.mga6.noarch.rpm Data files used by MAME
mame-data-software-lists-0.188-1.mga6.noarch.rpm Software lists used by MAME
mame-doc-0.188-1.mga6.noarch.rpm Documentation for MAME
mame-tools-0.188-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Additional tools for MAME
mgba-0.6.0-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Fast and accurate Game Boy Advance emulator
mgba-qt-0.6.0-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Qt 5 frontend for the mGBA emulator
pycharm-community-2018.1.2-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Intelligent Python IDE
pycharm-community-doc-2018.1.2-1.mga6.noarch.rpm Documentation for intelligent Python IDE
pycharm-community-plugins-2018.1.2-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Plugins for intelligent Python IDE
python2-twodict-1.2-1.mga6.noarch.rpm Simple two-way ordered dictionary for Python 2
python3-twodict-1.2-1.mga6.noarch.rpm Simple two-way ordered dictionary for Python 3
rawtherapee-5.3-1.mga6.x86_64.rpm Raw image processing software
youtube-dl-gui-0.4-1.mga6.noarch.rpm GUI for youtube-dl