lib64spatialindex4 - Spatial indexing libraries

Property Value
Distribution Mageia 6.1
Repository Mageia Core x86_64
Package name lib64spatialindex4
Package version 1.8.5
Package release 2.mga6
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Installed size 952.66 KB
Download size 256.58 KB
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Spatial indexing libraries.
The purpose of this library is to provide:
- An extensible framework that will support robust spatial indexing methods.
- Support for sophisticated spatial queries. Range, point location, nearest
neighbor and k-nearest neighbor as well as parametric queries (defined by
spatial constraints) should be easy to deploy and run.
- Easy to use interfaces for inserting, deleting and updating information.
- Wide variety of customization capabilities. Basic index and storage
characteristics like the page size, node capacity, minimum fan-out,
splitting algorithm, etc. should be easy to customize.
- Index persistence. Internal memory and external memory structures should be
supported. Clustered and non-clustered indices should be easy to be


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lib64spatialindex4 - - -


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Name Value
lib64spatialindex4 == 1.8.5-2.mga6
lib64spatialindex4(x86-64) == 1.8.5-2.mga6 - -


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Binary Package lib64spatialindex4-1.8.5-2.mga6.x86_64.rpm
Source Package libspatialindex-1.8.5-2.mga6.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable Mageia Core repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install lib64spatialindex4 rpm package:
    # urpmi lib64spatialindex4




2016-02-11 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.8.5-2.mga6
+ Revision: 955651
- Mageia 6 Mass Rebuild
2015-09-01 - fwang <fwang> 1.8.5-1.mga6
+ Revision: 871831
- 1.8.5
2014-10-15 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.8.0-4.mga5
+ Revision: 747746
- Second Mageia 5 Mass Rebuild
2014-09-16 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.8.0-3.mga5
+ Revision: 681792
- Mageia 5 Mass Rebuild
2013-10-19 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.8.0-2.mga4
+ Revision: 522598
- Mageia 4 Mass Rebuild
2013-03-22 - fwang <fwang> 1.8.0-1.mga3
+ Revision: 404451
- br cmake
- lock libmajor
+ obgr_seneca <obgr_seneca>
- imported package libspatialindex

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