nodejs-difflet - Colorful diffs for JavaScript objects

Property Value
Distribution Mageia 6.1
Repository Mageia Core x86_64
Package name nodejs-difflet
Package version 0.2.3
Package release 3.mga6
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 17.30 KB
Download size 12.90 KB
Official Mirror
Creates colorful diffs for JavaScript objects,


Package Version Architecture Repository
nodejs-difflet-0.2.3-3.mga6.noarch.rpm 0.2.3 noarch Mageia Core
nodejs-difflet - - -


Name Value
nodejs(engine) >= 0.4.0
npm(charm) >= 0.1.0
npm(charm) < 0.2
npm(deep-is) >= 0.1
npm(deep-is) < 0.2
npm(traverse) >= 0.6
npm(traverse) < 0.7


Name Value
nodejs-difflet == 0.2.3-3.mga6
npm(difflet) == 0.2.6


Type URL
Binary Package nodejs-difflet-0.2.3-3.mga6.noarch.rpm
Source Package nodejs-difflet-0.2.3-3.mga6.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable Mageia Core repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install nodejs-difflet rpm package:
    # urpmi nodejs-difflet




2016-02-08 - umeabot <umeabot> 0.2.3-3.mga6
+ Revision: 950437
- Mageia 6 Mass Rebuild
2014-10-29 - tv <tv> 0.2.3-2.mga5
+ Revision: 794411
- patch 0: backport fixes from 0.2.6
2014-10-28 - tv <tv> 0.2.3-1.mga5
+ Revision: 794118
- imported package nodejs-difflet
2014-10-28 - Thierry Vignaud <> 0.2.3-1.mga5
- import from FC
2013-04-15 - T.C. Hollingsworth <> - 0.2.3-3
- add macro to enable dependency generation on EPEL6
2013-02-13 - T.C. Hollingsworth <> - 0.2.3-2
- fix charm dep for newer version already in repos

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