tome - An open-source, single-player, roguelike RPG with 2D tiles

Property Value
Distribution Mageia 6.0
Repository Mageia Nonfree x86_64
Package name tome
Package version 1.5.5
Package release 1.mga6.nonfree
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 459.46 MB
Download size 359.63 MB
Official Mirror
Tales of Maj'Eyal (ToME) is a free, open source roguelike RPG, featuring
tactical turn-based combat and advanced character building. Play as one of
many unique races and classes in the lore-filled world of Eyal, exploring
random dungeons, facing challenging battles, and developing characters with
our own tailored mix of abilities and powers. With a modern graphical and
customisable interface, intuitive mouse control, streamlined mechanics and
deep, challenging combat, Tales of Maj'Eyal offers engaging roguelike
gameplay for the 21st century.
This package is in the Nonfree repository because some of its artwork is
granted to use with the ToME game only (see COPYING-MEDIA in the doc folder).


Package Version Architecture Repository
tome-1.5.5-1.mga6.nonfree.noarch.rpm 1.5.5 noarch Mageia Nonfree
tome - - -


Name Value
t-engine4 == 1.5.5


Name Value
application() -
application(tome.desktop) -
t-engine4-tome4 == 1.5.5-1.mga6.nonfree
tome == 1.5.5-1.mga6.nonfree


Name Value
t-engine4-tome4 < 1.1.0-2
tome < 1.2.5-2


Type URL
Binary Package tome-1.5.5-1.mga6.nonfree.noarch.rpm
Source Package tome-1.5.5-1.mga6.nonfree.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable Mageia Nonfree repository on "Install and Remove Software"
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install tome rpm package:
    # urpmi tome




2017-05-25 - akien <akien> 1.5.5-1.mga6
+ Revision: 1104686
- Version 1.5.5
2017-04-26 - akien <akien> 1.5.3-1.mga6.nonfree
+ Revision: 1097700
- Version 1.5.3
2017-03-17 - akien <akien> 1.5.1-1.mga6.nonfree
+ Revision: 1093395
- Version 1.5.1
2017-03-10 - akien <akien> 1.5.0-1.mga6.nonfree
+ Revision: 1091579
- Version 1.5.0
2016-10-29 - akien <akien> 1.4.9-1.mga6.nonfree
+ Revision: 1063962
- Version 1.4.9
2016-06-25 - akien <akien> 1.4.8-1.mga6.nonfree
+ Revision: 1037612
- Version 1.4.8
2016-04-17 - akien <akien> 1.4.6-1.mga6.nonfree
+ Revision: 1003158
- Version 1.4.6
2016-01-27 - akien <akien> 1.4.1-1.mga6.nonfree
+ Revision: 928216
- Version 1.4.1
2015-05-10 - akien <akien> 1.3.1-2.mga5.nonfree
+ Revision: 821692
- Fix typo in desktop entry Exec field (mga#15902)
2015-04-23 - akien <akien> 1.3.1-1.mga5.nonfree
+ Revision: 820586
- imported package tome

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