pagure-ev - EventSource server for pagure

Property Value
Distribution Mageia 7
Repository Mageia Core i586
Package filename pagure-ev-5.5-1.mga7.noarch.rpm
Package name pagure-ev
Package version 5.5
Package release 1.mga7
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Tools
License GPLv2+
Maintainer -
Download size 22.91 KB
Installed size 34.13 KB
Pagure comes with an eventsource server allowing live update of the pages
supporting it. This package provides it.


Package Version Architecture Repository
pagure-ev-5.5-1.mga7.noarch.rpm 5.5 noarch Mageia Core
pagure-ev - - -


Name Value
pagure = 5.5-1.mga7
python3-trololio -
systemd -


Name Value
pagure-ev = 5.5-1.mga7


Type URL
Binary Package pagure-ev-5.5-1.mga7.noarch.rpm
Source Package pagure-5.5-1.mga7.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable the repository in Software Management
  2. Install pagure-ev rpm package:
    # dnf install pagure-ev




2019-04-09 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.5-1.mga7
+ Revision: 1387466
- Update to 5.5
- Backport fix from upstream for pull mirroring feature
2019-03-29 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.4-1.mga7
+ Revision: 1381120
- Update to 5.4
- Backport fix for using pagure-ev on Python 3
- Update README.Mageia with more quickstart setup details
2019-02-22 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.3-1.mga7
+ Revision: 1369328
- Update to 5.3
- Drop upstream patches
2019-01-10 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.2-4.mga7
+ Revision: 1354330
- Backport patch to allow pagure to use python-redis >= 3.0.0
- Backport patch to fix compatibility with Markdown 3.0+
2019-01-07 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.2-3.mga7
+ Revision: 1350818
- Fix all shebangs properly for scripts
2019-01-07 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.2-2.mga7
+ Revision: 1350816
- Fix shebangs for all Python files in nonstandard paths
2019-01-07 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.2-1.mga7
+ Revision: 1350808
- Update to 5.2
- Drop upstream patches
2018-12-13 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.1.4-1.mga7
+ Revision: 1341020
- Update to 5.1.4
- Backport fix from master to add compatibility with Markdown 3.0+
- Backport fix from master to properly skip legacy hooks
2018-10-13 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.1.3-2.mga7
+ Revision: 1320176
- Add Suggests for PostgreSQL and MariaDB database drivers
- Fix MariaDB database driver package name in README.Mageia
2018-10-11 - ngompa <ngompa> 5.1.3-1.mga7
+ Revision: 1319620
- Update to 5.1.3

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