python2-ktoblzcheck - A library to check account numbers and bank codes of German banks

Property Value
Distribution Mageia 7
Repository Mageia Core i586
Package filename python2-ktoblzcheck-1.49-2.mga7.i586.rpm
Package name python2-ktoblzcheck
Package version 1.49
Package release 2.mga7
Package architecture i586
Package type rpm
Category Development/Python
License LGPLv2+
Maintainer -
Download size 11.36 KB
Installed size 14.02 KB
KtoBLZCheck is a library to check account numbers and bank codes of
German banks. Both a library for other programs as well as a short
command-line tool is available. It is possible to check pairs of
account numbers and bank codes (BLZ) of German banks, and to map bank
codes (BLZ) to the clear-text name and location of the bank.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python2-ktoblzcheck-1.49-2.mga7.x86_64.rpm 1.49 x86_64 Mageia Core
python2-ktoblzcheck - - -


Name Value
ktoblzcheck = 1.49
python(abi) = 2.7


Name Value
python-ktoblzcheck = 1.49-2.mga7
python2-ktoblzcheck = 1.49-2.mga7
python2-ktoblzcheck(x86-32) = 1.49-2.mga7


Name Value
python-ktoblzcheck < 1.40-10


Type URL
Binary Package python2-ktoblzcheck-1.49-2.mga7.i586.rpm
Source Package ktoblzcheck-1.49-2.mga7.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable the repository in Software Management
  2. Install python2-ktoblzcheck rpm package:
    # dnf install python2-ktoblzcheck




2018-09-23 - umeabot <umeabot> 1.49-2.mga7
(not released yet)
+ Revision: 1298678
- Mageia 7 Mass Rebuild
2017-10-08 - daviddavid <daviddavid> 1.49-1.mga7
+ Revision: 1170086
- new version: 1.49
- rename python-ktoblzcheck to python2-ktoblzcheck

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