dnf-utils - Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer

Property Value
Distribution Mageia Cauldron
Repository Mageia Core x86_64
Package name dnf-utils
Package version 3.0.2
Package release 1.mga7
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Installed size 3.75 KB
Download size 12.02 KB
Official Mirror distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr
As a Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer, supplies in CLI shims for
debuginfo-install, repograph, package-cleanup, repoclosure, repomanage,
repoquery, reposync, repotrack, builddep, config-manager, debug, and
download that use new implementations using DNF.


Package Version Architecture Repository
dnf-utils-3.0.3-1.mga7.noarch.rpm 3.0.3 noarch Mageia Core
dnf-utils-3.0.3-1.mga7.noarch.rpm 3.0.3 noarch Mageia Core
dnf-utils - - -


Name Value
dnf >= 3.0.0
dnf-plugins-core == 3.0.2-1.mga7
python3-dnf >= 3.0.0
python3-dnf < 4.0


Name Value
dnf-utils == 3.0.2-1.mga7
pkg-command(debuginfo-install) -


Name Value
gdb < 7.12-13
urpmi-debuginfo-install -
yum-utils < 1.1.31-5


Type URL
Binary Package dnf-utils-3.0.2-1.mga7.noarch.rpm
Source Package dnf-plugins-core-3.0.2-1.mga7.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Enable Mageia Core repository on Install and Remove Software
  2. Update packages list:
    # urpmi.update -a
  3. Install dnf-utils rpm package:
    # urpmi dnf-utils




See dnf-plugins-core-3.0.2-1.mga7.noarch.rpm changelog.

See Also

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